How does WMAO duty work?

You act as the wing’s 911 dispatcher when you accept the responsibility of standing WMAO duty. Follow these instructions VERY carefully.

While standing WMAO duty:

  • Always keep your phone with you and charged
  • Always have a copy of the attached WMAO worksheet and a pen with you
  • Never use “Do Not Disturb” or similar call blocking/screening features

You MUST answer your phone when it rings. Our customers should NEVER get your voicemail. The wing’s reputation could be adversely damaged by a poor WMAO experience.

When a customer calls with a mission:

After you are relieved, send a copy of your completed WMAO worksheet(s) to your WMAO coordinators along with the name of the IC who accepted the mission.

Training for WMAO is available through the California Wing Learning Management System (LMS). Video 1 outlines WMAO duty. Video 2 demonstrates how to use the WMAO app in PRMA.

Updated on April 22, 2022

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