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How do I register as a California Disaster Service Worker (DSW) with Civil Air Patrol (CAP)?

  1. Download the attached Disaster Service Worker (DSW) form dated 8.2016
    • A photo is not required
    • Do not put anything in the box to the right of the photo
    • Do not put your Social Security Number (SSN) anywhere on the form
    • Only complete the fields highlighted in grey underneath the photo box
    • List the following in the comments section
      • CAPID (e.g. 594385)
      • Squadron/Unit charter (e.g. PCR-CA-110)
      • Your Group number (e.g. Group 2)
    • Minors are required to have the Parent/Legal Guardian Consent section completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian
  2. Have your form notarized (either by a Notary Public or a Judicial Officer)
  3. Make a copy of all your documents for your records
  4. Mail your original notarized form and any original attachment(s) to:
    Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
    Law Enforcement Branch
    Attn: Corinne Barbee
    3650 Schriever Avenue
    Mather, CA 95655

Once CalOES has processed your DSW form, a signed copy will be sent to California Wing to be added to our electronic records. An additional copy will be sent to you for your records. It is your responsibility to maintain a copy of your DSW paperwork in the event you need to exercise any of the benefits afforded to DSWs.

Your DSW status will be listed on your Member Information Card in the Pacific Region Mobile App (PRMA). PRMA can be found at https://mobile-tools.pcrcap.org/. Use the “My Info” module to view your Member Information Card.

For safekeeping, it is recommended that you upload a copy of your processed DSW form to eServices.

Your DSW never expires for the duration of your membership with Civil Air Patrol.

Updated on January 7, 2024

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